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Our Story

EDA Frames was founded by an experienced independent optician who was fed up with being squeezed by the big chains and the internet optical companies that controlled the market. His customers wanted products that was reasonable in price as well as fit their lifestyles and unique aesthetics better than what was available through standard off-the-shelf products.

After our initial launch, reactions to our service were so overwhelming that immediately made us bring in major design and production partners to allow us to sustain and expand our capacity. EDA now has a production supply chain that specifically tailors to allow us to manufacture custom designs efficiently, even in small quantities. Our highly experienced staffed and skillful technicians pride themselves on providing the finest quality of sunglasses.


EDA Frames has been following its motto right from its establishment.

  • To provide the glasses frames at the most reasonable price
  • To make the online order of the products easy and simple
  • To maintain the quality for each of the products
  • To give the customers what they want

Better Vision

As an Alliance of fashion eyewear America, we want to help equip opticians & designers with creative products so as to combat the onslaught of the global chains and discount internet retailers.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality eyeglasses with friendly, warm-hearted service.


Moreover, EDA Frames provides you ultra stylish, ultra modern and classy design sunglasses made with superior materials at an unbeatable price.

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